Elevate your garden’s aesthetics with Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks, your premier garden design specialist in the Leatherhead area. Focused on crafting new driveways, garden patios, and garden rooms, we stand out among the top landscaping companies, working to a bespoke specification tailored to the uniqueness of every garden.

Discover the difference as our dynamic garden design department collaborates seamlessly with our talented team of landscapers, ensuring unparalleled results. Uniqueness is our mantra – just like you, your garden deserves to be one-of-a-kind!

At Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks, we transcend traditional roles. Our garden designers not only oversee outdoor space development but also function as landscaping architects. This showcases the scale of our operations in Leatherhead, where gardens may be compact, defining property boundaries, while landscapes can possess a more detached character.

Rely on our dedicated team of designers, architects, and landscape gardeners to guide you through the distinction between gardens and landscapes. For unrivaled expertise in Leatherhead landscaping, choose Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks.

Leatherhead’s premier landscape Garden experts. Please view our portfolio and get in touch today

What is Garden Design?

Garden design specialists and garden architects will consider the end-to-end style of your outdoor space, and what you wish to achieve when you hire in our landscapers. Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks is one of the only local landscaping companies to have a perfect “10” rating on Checkatrade and a team with leading industry credentials. We have 15 years of combined experience, and we happily undertake soft and hard landscaping projects.

We deal with the changing elements of gardens in Leatherhead, like lawns, beds and planters, and with the permanent features, like driveways, patios, garden rooms, ornamental brickwork, fencing and decking.

Our garden designers and landscape gardeners are very much a team. As a company, we create bespoke garden designs for domestic and commercial clients. Your own creative ideas matter to us and, during our consultation with you, we take your personal concepts into consideration. We want you to fall in love with your new landscape just like we’ve fallen in love with the job.

Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks is proud, passionate and professional, and this is why we’re one of Leatherhead’s leading landscaping companies.

Why is Garden Design Important?

Formulating a garden design, factoring in features like driveways, patios and garden rooms, and then mobilising our landscapers to work on your project, is a process that we have been through many times before. Can you design your own garden? Maybe you can, but do you have the time or knowledge to do the work, and will your garden design be right for your outdoor space anyway? We think a professional design service is a much better option.

We will look at the size and contours of your garden In Leatherhead, check the soil condition, investigate which areas get the most sunlight (and the least), and decide where the soft and hard elements should be integrated.

If you are considering one of our driveways, patios or garden rooms, Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks also needs to consider materials and which ones will blend in well with your property and the surrounding environment. There is more to being landscape gardeners than cutting lawns and tending to plants. Our own landscapers are a wider part of a creative process that begins with a detailed survey, consultation and free, no-obligation quotation.

For garden design in Leatherhead, call Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks on 01293 922779.