Garden Design in Cobham | Groundworks for Driveways and Garden Patios

The area of groundwork services spans a wide spectrum, and we stand out as one of the very few landscaping companies in Cobham offering this comprehensive array. At Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks, our team boasts the region’s most skilled landscapers, bringing extensive local expertise to garden design, driveway and patio installations, as well as the construction of garden rooms for an enhanced outdoor living experience. The pride, passion, and professionalism exhibited by our landscape gardeners set us apart.

For all your landscaping needs in Cobham, trust Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks. 

Groundworks is a term that encompasses various services, from site clearance to facilitate development to land preparation for stable surfaces. In the case of driveways and patios, our landscapers meticulously create a sturdy sub-base. Garden rooms and outbuildings, on the other hand, necessitate concrete slabs as foundational elements.

Trust Cobham’s landscaping experts at Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks for unparalleled quality and expertise in every project.

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Patio services in Cobham, Surrey, extend beyond expectations when you choose Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks. Our comprehensive offerings include not only exceptional landscaping and groundwork solutions but also the creation of exquisite water features that bring a unique and tranquil touch to your outdoor space.

Whether it’s a peaceful pond, a stunning fountain, a majestic waterfall, or a luxurious swimming pool, we specialize in crafting the perfect water feature tailored to your garden. Our team of experts will guide you through selecting the ideal location and help you choose materials that ensure longevity. Whether you envision a natural-looking pond with aquatic plants and fish or a contemporary fountain for an elegant touch, we excel in creating water features that seamlessly complement your outdoor haven.

Adding to the allure, we can incorporate lighting into your water feature, creating a magical and enchanting atmosphere after sunset. Imagine the enchantment of sitting by your pond or swimming pool, watching the water dance in the moonlight – a truly magical experience we can turn into reality.

Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks is your go-to partner to transform your garden into a haven with water features that match your dreams. Contact us today to explore our water feature services and elevate your outdoor space in Cobham.


A driveway installation in Cobham from our landscape gardeners is one that requires intermediate levels of garden design aptitude. Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks is one of the most experienced landscaping companies in the South East, and we have installed many driveways as a team over the past 15 years. To prepare for an installation, we clear land of brush, scrub and debris, excavate the ground to the required depth for your chosen material, set aggregates and sands to create a sub-base, then lay the top surface.

Our landscapers can lay driveways in asphalt, concrete or resin for those on a tighter budget, and block paving or natural stone for those with a little more to spend. We can also point, and seal, based on the material chosen.

If you also have an interest in our garden rooms, the extent of groundworks is roughly equivalent to that of having new driveways laid in Cobham.

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