Groundworks in Surrey and West Sussex plus surrounding areas

Like a building is only as strong as the foundations beneath it, a driveway or a patio can be considered in much the same way. Certain working practices have an equal role to play in hard landscaping as they do in the building and construction sector. Groundworks is one of them. This is a service that is best explained as a complete process, from clearing and excavating land to preparing it and laying drainage, bases or sub-bases prior to building ( in the case of a garden room ) or surfacing ( laying driveways and garden patios ).

As our name suggests, Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks is a specialist in the field of groundwork. Our company, based in Crawley, covers Sussex, Surrey, London and all surrounding locations.

Groundworks services from our landscapers include:

Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks has services available for the domestic and commercial sectors. Call to request an obligation-free quotation.

We are one of the region’s most dependable hard landscaping companies.

The Groundworks Process

During our initial visit to your property or site, we evaluate land space and use our findings to determine how much preparation work will be needed ahead of maintaining, repairing or laying a surface (or constructing an outbuilding). Our quotation will include all labour and material costings with a breakdown of the work involved. The groundworks phase is important to the success of a project because it guarantees the stability of a building or a hard surface.

Our landscape gardeners clear land of brush, scrub and debris, and we can factor in minor demolition and soft strip-outs where required to.

After marking out the land and factoring in any underground drainage and utility installations, we excavate to the required specification of the project. We can supply plant and machinery for heavy digging. Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks also makes provisions for spoil removal by manually loading onto our own vehicles, hiring in skips or organising a grab hire service.

After preparing the land, our landscapers can create a concrete base which acts as the foundation for a garden room, or a sub-base with aggregates and sands to create the foundation for a new driveway or a garden patio.

We take on domestic and commercial work, so we can offer a groundworks service to general builders, main contractors, property developers and even other landscaping companies. Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks can be involved in the project up to the point where other trades come in to do their side of the job. We can also return after the completion of a construction project to tidy the surrounding landscape and lay paving or hard surfaces.

Think of a landscaping or surfacing project as you would think about painting or papering a wall. The final finish will only ever be as good as the hard work that goes into the preparation. Groundworks prepares land for development in the same way filling, sanding and plastering prepares a wall for a coat of paint or a sheet of wallpaper. Our landscape gardeners are hardworking, experienced and familiar with all clearance and land preparation practices.

If you have an upcoming project in Cobham, Dorking, Horsham, Kingswood, Leatherhead, Reigate or any location in the surrounding areas, we want to hear from you. Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks is a one-stop service provider with the solutions needed to set up landscaping projects for success.

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