If you find yourself in search for the best landscaping services in Horsham, look no further. Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks, situated in Crawley, stands out among the myriad of landscaping companies in the area. Our team of skilled landscapers boasts unparalleled credentials. Specializing in garden design, we provide comprehensive project management services for both domestic and commercial clients.

Transforming outdoor spaces is our expertise. From laying driveways and garden patios to constructing exquisite garden rooms, we offer a diverse range of services tailored to your needs. What sets us apart is our commitment to working with a variety of materials, ensuring that your project aligns with your budget and desired aesthetic.

Our landscape gardeners meticulously consider your budget, delivering practical solutions without compromising quality. Whether you seek a cost-effective option or wish to invest more for a specific aesthetic, we tailor our garden design specification to meet your preferences.

Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks has already established a stellar reputation in Horsham, boasting a perfect “10 star” rating on the well established Checkatrade website.

Explore the possibilities with us as we delve into the material choices available for your landscaping project:

any landscaping companies currently trading in the Horsham area, we think you’ll be hard pressed to find another team of landscapers with credentials as good as ours. Located in Crawley, Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks is a garden design specialist with a full project management service available to our domestic and commercial clients. We lay driveways and garden patios, construct garden rooms and offer a wide range of supporting services to transform your outdoor spaces.

Our landscape gardeners work with a full range of materials so, based on the amount you wish to spend, we can deliver something that is practical at a price you can realistically afford or, if you wish to spend more to achieve a certain aesthetic, we will factor this into our garden design specification.

Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks already has an established reputation in Horsham and a perfect “10” rating on the popular Checkatrade website.

Here, we take a closer look at your possible material choices:


New driveways represent familiar territory for our landscapers and if you are on a budget, you won’t find a more economic choice for a Horsham home than asphalt. Asphalt has a low entry point in terms of price and comes in a choice of colours including black, red and green. Concrete is also an entry-level surface for driveways, and most landscaping companies can recreate the appearance of expensive materials using dyes and patterned imprints.

At a higher price point, but for a superior finish, ask our landscape gardeners about block paving or natural stone. We also lay driveways in resin-bonded or resin-bound surfaces. We can do the same for garden patios and paving.

You can even choose a surface to match one of our garden rooms.


It is relatively easy to look at driveways and patios from the same angle. You can still have asphalt or concrete used if you want to have a surface laid at an entry-level price, or block paving and natural stone if you have garden design ideas which are a little more extravagant. Keep in mind that you can still have traditional flagstones laid by our landscapers. These are also quite low in price but aren’t recommended if you expect high foot traffic volumes.

The groundworks phase with garden patios is just as important as it is with new driveways. We take material choices into consideration and create sub-bases to required depths with the appropriate aggregates and sands used.

Again, we can design patios and garden rooms together as part of the same specification so that everything blends in well with your Horsham property.

Garden Rooms

Our landscape gardeners have a wide range of skillsets. Choose the Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks team for the construction of garden rooms and you have three different material choices. Pressure-treated timber is by far the most popular option with most homeowners in the Horsham area, but our ability to work with brick gives you alternatives. You can choose to have garden rooms built in just brick, or in a combination of brick and timber.

If you have been looking at different landscaping companies already with a view to choosing one for your project, you will probably have noticed that only a very small number of them specialise in garden room construction.

Garden rooms are incredibly popular and can be used as summerhouses, or as home offices, art studios, home cinemas, yoga rooms and gymnasiums.

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