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We design, create, and maintain outdoor spaces, we take on tasks such as planting, laying new patios/ paving or decking areas, building outdoor structures like garden rooms, outdoor kitchens or water features and manage irrigation and drainage.

The pricing of our services reflects our expertise, the use of high quality materials and the meticulous attention to detail we dedicate to each project. Our rates ensure that you receive value and outcomes that enhance both the appeal and market value of your property.

While we strive to provide affordable solutions, cutting costs on landscaping can sometimes compromise the quality and longevity of your space. However, we can work with you and your budget to find cost-effective options without sacrificing quality.

Yes, investing in professional landscaping can increase the value of your home by improving its curb appeal and property’s attractiveness to potential buyers.

Yes, the terms landscaper and landscape gardener refer to professionals who design, create, and maintain outdoor spaces. At infinite our skilled professionals are both landscapers and landscape gardeners, capable of all the above.

It depends on the complexity of the project and your own expertise and experience, but
If you desire a landscaped garden but lack the time, knowledge or resources to do it yourself, we recommend hiring a professional, that ensures that your vision is created with precision and efficiency.

Yes, landscape gardening is demanding and requires physical labor, expertise, and a thorough attention to detail, encompassing skills in design, horticulture, construction, and maintenance.

A landscaped garden can increase the value of a property by enhancing its aesthetics and functionality. This increases the overall appeal to potential buyers.

Well-designed outdoor living spaces, such as kitchens/cooking areas, entertainment spaces, garden rooms, and patios or decking areas, are in high demand among homebuyers. Furthermore, planting schemes strategically designed to enhance curb appeal contribute to increasing the value of your property by creating inviting and attractive outdoor environments.

Our team is dedicated to serving our clients year-round, providing maintenance, renovations, and seasonal enhancements to ensure your outdoor space remains beautiful and functional throughout the year while accommodating the seasonal variations in our workload, with peak periods in the spring and summer.

A well-designed driveway with high quality can add value to a house in the UK, ranging from 5% to 10% of the property’s overall value.

Driveways made of durable and visually appealing materials like block paving or natural stone or resin bound driveways tend to add the most value to a property.

It all depends on the size and complexity of the project, but generally most projects dont require planning permission, however things such as major land level changes or construction of new structures outside of the scope of local regulations (e.g over 2.5m height or more than 50% of garden) may require planning permission due to their potential impact on the environment and neighboring properties.

Planning permission requirements for landscaping projects vary dependinglocal regulations, and whether it involves significant alterations to the land or structures.

Our garden maintenance services involve a wide range of tasks, including mowing, weeding, pruning, fertilising and seasonal clean-ups, ensuring that your garden remains healthy and well-maintained throughout the year.