Revitalize your property’s exterior, elevate its curb appeal, and boost its resale value with the expertise of seasoned landscapers. In the Kingswood area, when it comes to driveway, patio, or garden room designs, you’ll quickly discern the distinction between Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks and other local landscaping companies. Our commitment to quality has been the cornerstone of our business, and we continuously strive to enhance our team’s capabilities with every project we undertake.

Setting us apart is our unwavering focus on client needs. At Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks, we are a client-centric business, upholding traditional values, providing transparent service delivery, showcasing excellent communication skills, and relentlessly pursuing 100% client satisfaction.

For those currently seeking a reliable team of landscapers for a project in Kingswood, reach out to us today to schedule a free quotation. Experience the difference with Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks.

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Research the Market

Compare landscaping companies against each other and build a clear idea of what each one is offering you. We generally get what we pay for in life, so be wary of landscape gardeners operating on a basis of price. The chances are that their garden design and landscaping skills won’t be of a particularly high standard, and you may end up having to pay to get the job rectified.

Check as many websites as you can, refer to directories like Checkatrade, and keep a keen eye on social media groups in the Kingswood area.

Know Your Needs

If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want in your head, it gives a low-end contractor an opportunity to step in and take your business. Driveways, patios and garden rooms are all challenging hard landscaping installations and require the attention of genuine trade professionals. Door knockers and landscaping companies that compete on price could prove a headache.

Build a picture of what you want, and you will find that the most professional landscapers will be able to interpret your ideas down to the last letter.

Explore Your Options

Don’t commit to using a team of landscape gardeners in Kingswood without knowing as much as possible about scale of operations, skillsets, speciality areas and pricing. It is never a bad idea to make a list of the qualities you would like to see from landscapers, and to then measure up the candidates against each other to see who you most trust to take care of your project.

Soft landscaping companies focus on the changing elements, like lawns and beds, whereas hard landscapers focus on permanent structures like new driveways, garden patios, paving installations, brickwork and garden rooms.

Ask for Referrals

Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks will always be happy to provide you with references, but we advise that you speak to family, friends and neighbours in the Kingswood area before you commit to one company. The experiences of others should never be underestimated. We are confident in this respect and our previous clients have given us a perfect “10” rating on Checkatrade.

We would never have a garden design produced by a company that can’t show you good references or high scores on customer review websites.


Much like we do socially, it is sometimes possible to get a good feel from a company and we would always encourage homeowners in Kingswood to listen to their instincts. If a company has a clear passion for driveways and patios from the outset, or an equally enthusiastic approach to garden rooms, it is usually a good sign and shows they love what they do as a profession.

Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks is a genuine garden design specialist with a complete range of hard and soft landscaping services available.

If you need a reliable team of garden design specialists in Kingswood, call Infinite Landscaping & Groundworks on 01293 922779.